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  • Citizen AN3662-51W

    Citizen AN3662-51W

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    Men's Watch

    C-3PO™ was more than a meticulous droid designed for human/cyborg relations, he was a loyal friend who helped save the galaxy more than once, and that
     spirit shines through in this gleaming collector’s piece. Part of the Star Wars™ | Citizen Tsuno Collection, the gold-tone brass dial echoes C-3PO’s face, with “eyes” that glow in the dark, surrounded by a gold-tone stainless steel case. The watch features a 1-second chronograph, a date display, and a gold-tone stainless steel bracelet. The case back is etched with the Star Wars logo and a detailed likeness of C-3PO. This exclusive collection features 4 special timepieces, each with a vintage design inspired by Citizen’s iconic 1972 model known as the Tsuno Chrono, thanks to the tsuno “horns” placed on both sides of the 12 o’clock position. This watch requires a battery. 

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