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  • Lladró Attentive Bunny Figurine (SKU: 01007578)

    Lladró Attentive Bunny Figurine (SKU: 01007578)

    • $245.00
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    Lladró Attentive Bunny Figurine, sculpted by Fulgencio García (SKU: 01007578). Glossy porcelain bunny rabbit figurine decorated with red carnations. 

    This sweet bunny stands out for its realistic modelling, its expressive gaze and above all,
    its beautiful decorative work, consisting of delicate porcelain flowers, meticulously crafted petal by petal by the expert hands of the artists at Lladró.

    Size (Inches): 2.75" Length x 4.72" Width x 4.33" Height

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