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  • Lladró Curious Kittens Figurine (SKU: 01008693)

    Lladró Curious Kittens Figurine (SKU: 01008693)

    • $585.00
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    Lladró Curious Kittens Figurine, sculpted by José Santaeulalia (SKU: 01008693). Figurine of porcelain animals of three kittens inside a basket looking at a curious little mouse.

    The little visitor has the three little brothers fascinated. They don't know how to react and look amazed without daring to get out of the basket. A glossy porcelain creation decorated in soft pastel colors, perfect as a gift, a collectible or a decoration.

    Size (Inches): 5.5" Length x 4.7" Width x 5.1" Height

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