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  • Lladró Mary Nativity Figurine-II (SKU: 01005477)

    Lladró Mary Nativity Figurine-II (SKU: 01005477)

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    Lladró Mary Nativity Figurine-II, sculpted by Juan Huerta (SKU: 01005477). Virgin Mary figurine in glossy porcelain with blue tunic and crossed hands. 

    Mary, the mother of Jesus, appears kneeling before the Divine Child. It is part of a group
    of pieces that form a complete Nativity scene, the most important scene for all Christians
    in the world. It is a glossy porcelain piece decorated with Lladró's classic pastel color
    palette, a set designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home during
    the family days of Christmas.

    Size (inches): 4.33" Length x 5.11" Width x 7.08" Height 

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